The Butchers Knife

All lyrics copyright Naming James.

1. About Time

It’s about time we shout louder; it’s about time we got free
It’s about time we stopped crawling around down on our dirty knees.
It’s about time we got even with all the thieves of your mind
It’s about time we shot holes in the door that kept you locked inside

It’s about time
It’s been way too long
It’s about time
Together we can do no wrong

It’s about time we inspired, it’s about time we had dreams
It’s about time we experience; life is never what it seems
It’s about time we breathe in; it’s about time we exhale
It’s about time you accept there’s something beneath your hidden veil

It’s about time we got reckless; it’s about time we let go
It’s about time we forgot all the lies they told us so long ago
It’s about time we got high, we’re never coming down
It’s about time we broke all of the rules and tore this fucker down


2. The Butcher’s Knife

I woke up this morning in the bad luck room
In the blue blanket staring at the candles and the gloom
In the distance I could hear an eerie sound
Before I knew it was five to nine
I had a head full of acid and a belly full of wine
Let the music take me anywhere but down

Songs about money call it what you like
Songs about what you’re going to do with your life
Songs about to cut me, cos it cut you right
Songs about as sharpened as the butcher’s knife

A little while later down some dead end street
Where all the young and hip like to drink and to eat
I heard a band playing but nobody was there
Then right in my view I saw the darkness move
A grey old man in a pair of brown leather shoes
Tied a bright blue feather in a stray lock of my hair
He sang…

Now all of these things that we say and we sing
They never add up, amount to anything
We just feed each other poetry and lies
So all I can do is keep on singing to you
Imagine I’m real and that I don’t have a clue
As I start to play I close my heavy eyes
I sing…


3. Whiskey & Gin

Walk through the door and put your money down son
Tell the girl behind the bar she’s the only one
Turn around slow and check the scene inside
Take another sip and get a look at the time
I see you look lost and I must admit
Doesn’t look like you’re taking none of anyone’s shit
Until a drunk young girl, yeah she’s just sixteen
Trips on your shoes and spills beer on your jeans
That’s all you need, yeah that’s all you need…

You move away quick, calling bitch out loud
And move to your boys at the edge of the crowd
I think to myself why’s everybody so mad
We’re different but equal and that’s totally rad
But some people like fighting and beating their chests
While some just watch TV in nothing but vests
It happens, it happens, again and again
Some born to love, some to never be friends
And I see you all, yes I see you all…

And I hold my head in my hands again
Too much whiskey, too much gin
All these rhythms going round the room
So out of time and so out of tune
So I rose like fire in a desperate sky
To turn you on and to get you high
‘Cos I play my rhythm any way I choose
So what’s wrong with me is what’s wrong with you.

Apart from all the fun that only happens at night
Everybody’s got a job that they just don’t like
Working real hard nearly every damn day
For a pat on the back and a cheque that’ll pay
It’s about how you love, it’s about who you are
Not the cash I the bank or the rims on your car
But it happens, it happens, again and again
I know it won’t change but I’d like to pretend
And that’s all I need, yeah that’s all need


4. Meaning of it All

Lots of things been done and said, all of it flies through my head
Circus clowns with a holy rose and shoe salesmen with missing toes
Point me to a vanishing stage where all the players come to play
And they’re playing for the meaning of it all.

First time you try and then you fall, second time you reveal to all
The magic in your twisted words, repeat the things they’ve never heard
Is paint and powder virtue’s vice or just a drink without the ice
That we’re drinking to the meaning of it all.

I call on you the path is clear, the mousetraps have all disappeared
Swallow all the air you need, remember only sorrow breathes
Where shadows play their wicked games on eyes that see with guilt and blame,
And they’re looking for the meaning of it all.

Paying all my dividends at cold and smoky river bends, where
Sharks are in this waters’ flow, but thick ice keeps them down below
So on my way with coins to lose I walk alone in soggy shoes,
And I’m walking for the meaning of it all.

Mould the nights from squares of steel then turn them into spinning wheels
So avenues with 4th street news will keep you drunk and all amused,
Climb upon this crazy train, the tickets they all cost the same
And we’re headed for the meaning of it all.

We’re all part of this pastry dish, full of pigs that taste like fish
Cooked up by men with swollen hands; in factories built on desperate land
Most things are safe to plain ignore, but look out for the heavy doors
That lead us to the meaning of it all.


5. Fly Away

You wanna know what I know but you just don’t have the time
You wanna see what I see but you look through different eyes
I wanna trust your instinct but I know that you are wrong
You wanna go where I’ve been but I think you’d take too long
All the days. All the days keep coming.
All the days. One of these days…

We’ll fly away from here
Leave all our clothes and disappear
We’ll fly away from here
On paper planes and silver dreams

You wanna feel what I’ve felt but you’d burn from all the fire
You wanna taste my freedom; you wanna stand up ten feet higher
You wanna trade my place now, cos the weight is bearing down
I could tell you my secrets but you’re lost in other sounds
All the days. All the days keep coming.
All the days. One of these days…

We’ll fly away from here
Leave all our bills and dead careers
We’ll fly away from here
On a wave of hope and a simple song


6. Give a Little More

Come on now baby let me slip inside, unleash my fire on your delicate mind, oceans couldn’t tame tonight.
I felt bells ring out way behind and pull the thorns from dusty vines in a place I left a dream of mine.
I wanted you but you wanted more so I clicked the key inside the door and walked away.
I’ve done it now I’ve gone too far; I left my sky without your star for another day. Now I…

Give a little more and take a little less
From the monkey on my back in the bullet proof vest
I’m walking on roads nobody’s been down
Picking up things that will never be found
Give a little more and take a little less

I left you where the story ends, without my books, without my pens I’ll finish at the start again.
I see you all just standing there, stiff as boards with empty stares in a place that’s thick with stale air.
You want to know how I got so far, talking shit all night in midnight bars to a strangers’ eyes
I’m staying here by this deep red glow because it’s warm inside and the night is cold, I’m alive she cried. Now I…


7. Brand New Start

Call me right, call me wrong, call me something that don’t take long
Call me blind, call me dumb, and call me names to just make fun
I got a lifeline I can call my own and I need the sunshine to see the water glow…

And if ships sail away from here
Take me with you where the sky is so clear
And not dark, and we’ll make that brand new start

Call me crazy, call me sane, and call me out of the pouring rain
Call me a loser, call me a king, you can call me anything
I got a lifeline I can call my own and I need the sunshine to see the water glow…

Tell your daddy, tell your mom, tell your sister that she’s the bomb
Tell me secrets, tell me lies, and tell me something that’ll make me cry
I got a lifeline I can call my own and I need the sunshine to see the water glow…


8. Dues

Hi, I’m James and I’ve been gone for days
Spin me some words about your mental haze
You swam in the sea, under river bend trees
Waited for something to let you be
Designed your mind, planned the perfect crime
And realised quick, it won’t work this time until…

All your bets have been laid
And all your dues have been paid

You take your pills, pay all your bills
Keep your mother’s grave covered in daffodils
You stood at the back of an empty room
And fell in the cracks of a broken moon
But a moment before you set your foot on the floor
It flashed in your mind; you can’t do no more, until…

Goodbye it’s time to fix your rhyme
A box full of words in a rhythm sublime
You know where to go, from where you’ve been
Thick salt water in your liquid dreams
So paint your number on a million stars
You’re free to go and smoke those big cigars, cos…


9. Bones

I built that bridge out of broken teeth
That led you to sleep in a bed full of leaves
You ate so much sand cos I said it was diamonds
I put dreams in your hands but you just couldn’t find ‘em

So we go on our way
Out into nothing
And we break our bones
Trying to go home

I called the crows to fly information
But nobody knows how to look to the sky
I gave you the clues that would lead right to freedom
But you jumped the wrong queue and said you don’t need ‘em

Deep in the heart of the crocodile
Is where all our souls live
In the water, in the fire
In the grave, in the crib
I dragged the sea over stony cold deserts
And with dusty knees I flooded your life…


10. Break Down Walls

Break down walls, break down walls,
We’ve never cared what they built them for.
Kick down doors, kick down doors,
Leave them all in pieces lying on the floor.
Throw my name, Throw my name,
Drunk in the middle of a hurricane.
Lay your blame, lay your blame,
No one’s going to call you in from the rain.

What are we fighting for?
Leave it on the kitchen floor.

Fill my cup, Fill my cup
I’ll never know how I always use it up
Make the cut, make the cut
Sink the blade deeper ‘til I see the blood
Don’t pretend, don’t pretend
Acting all cool is no way to beat them
Break and bend, break and bend
Do it how you want and you might transcend.

What are we lying for?
Lets leave it outside the door.

Break down walls, break down walls
We’ve never cared what they built them for
Heed the call, heed the call
When the sky cracks open and the black crow falls
Stake my claim, stake my claim
Drive it down deep through the bricks and slate
Call my name, call my name
I’m out finding tigers in the pouring rain.

We don’t need clothes no more,
Leave them on the bedroom floor.


11. Goathouse

It’s time to let the monkey out so where do we begin
We just got off the round about and everybody’s in
Leave all of your secrets and bring all of your friends
We’re here to pull the moon down; we’re here until the end

Lets take it back to Kerouac it’s all we can afford
Drunken boats, a house of goats and black paint on the walls
We’ll sail out to the sun and open up the doors and
Light up everyone like they’ve never seen before.

Wisdom is the feeling now
What we know we’ll show them how
Arm in arm, we shake and sway
A rowdy crowd of castaways

Every night with laser lights on a worn out wooden stage
Breaking strings, we play and sing, with all our love and rage
Be who are and don’t bother to pretend,
We’re here to pull the moon down, here until the end.

All the love was spread around
We lit the sky, and hit the ground
Oh the pleasure, oh the pain
It’s all so good it feels the same


12. Never Gonna Be That Way

Dead heart people go back to reality
All you people with so much to say
My dreams are nowhere near your locality
I’m never gonna be that way, no I’m never gonna be that way.

Steel chain daisy yeah she rides on the roundabout
Sex and money’s gonna make you pay
I don’t know what all you are on about
I’m never gonna be that way, no I’m never gonna be that way.

Punch drunk Jimmy at the end of the bar again
Burning out more of his wasted days
He’s so damn wrong if he thinks he’s a renegade
I’m never gonna be that way, no I’m never gonna be that way.

Quick fake music, yeah you’re gonna start a band today
You look so hot so you think you can play
All you care about is your face on the video
I’m never gonna be that way, no I’m never gonna be that way.


13. Lay Down Your Head

Lay down your head she said you’ll work no more today
Pour darkness around my bed and tie my dreams to magic threads
Til I’m gone, gone, gone…

Lay down your head she said but first tell me your name
Call me what you like my girl it’s all the same we walk the world
On and on and on…

Paint my shadows with dusty old wings
Lift my feet from the ground
Way down the road we go
Alive and free is how we roll
Stay close let me sing to you
Broken songs and dirty blues

Lay down your head I said this night will soon be day
One thing you must not forget I’ve paid the price and made my bets
I lost nothing but my time…

Lay down our heads again, leave whispers on the ground
Sleep come now take us away, we’ll save the world another day


14. Cup of Life

Mud huts in the village of my jungle covered mind
House thoughts and dreams considered every moment throughout time
A tangled web of reason all silky sick and taught
Is broken by the season in my imagination’s court
That tears through every corner of my body and my soul
Devouring without orders dead ideas turning cold…

Fill my cup of life not halfway or to the top
Do not be precise, overflow and never stop
I walk amongst the circus and pick up clowns on deadweight stones
That hide beneath the surface of this world we think we know

Bad luck, I envisage, is the way you spend your time
Your speech is not delivered so I step up and give mine
So I fill my words with feeling and the things that can’t be bought
Cos I follow where life’s leading but sometimes I just get bored
Then the sun gets warmer like a fire of red hot gold
And burns away the morning til the night time takes a hold…


15. For You

Well I think that’s everything, everything I know
It’s time to lift yourself from your seat; it’s time that we should go.

You take a step out the door into the busy street
You walk quietly and slow trying to be so indiscreet
You walk so much quicker, you could walk so much further
You could leave this city and get away with murder
You could drive out the country, like you stole your car
Burn the wheels and close your eyes, you could go so far.
You could escape to the places that you’ve never been
Spend all your money cigarettes and gin
You could leave this world behind in a cloud of your own dust
Live amongst the sun and stars and exhale the wind in gusts…

But if you go don’t forget me, ‘cos someone’s got to stay around here
To sit and sift through all of the shit that never disappears
To all those who are with me, just trying to make it through
I sing with all my soul and say, “This one’s for you.”

Into The Night

All lyrics copyright Naming James.

1. Clap Hands

A thin white line and a bottle of wine
Carried through the alley near the railway lines
The time and the smoke and the cruel little jokes
Took us all to heaven in a little rowboat

Clap Hands

Dust wind brings out the black bat wings
Flying through the night trying to gather our sins
Begin, let’s go! Bring the paddle with the hole
We can all get to heaven in a little rowboat

A beat up car with a nine string harp
Strapped to the back with the cuts and scars
Start up the show, let yourself go
We can all get to heaven in a little rowboat

Steel eyed gaze, in the old wise ways
Creeping up a steeple through the red hot flames
Eight white coats, writing scripts and notes
Took us all to heaven in a little rowboat

Way way down in a dead ghost town
Played everyday for the ones who were around
The sound we know can make a shipwreck float
We can all get to heaven in a little rowboat


2. Into The Night

I wear my hat to hide my face, while I think of how to fit into the human race
There’s no such thing as you and me, I and I get together in harmony
You’re out of date, your ideas are dead, you’ve got sixty-six vultures swirling around your head
You know where to go from where you’ve come from, the pieces of the puzzle tattooed on your arm

Into the night, we’re gonna go…

Who did you choose to be today? The butcher, or the baker with an MBA?
You’ve ticked those boxes and you read the rules, thought it made the world have a clearer view
So you drank all that your money could get, took all those letters in the alphabet
Then left your clothes in a paper bag as you ran down the beach trying’ to find some sand

I wear my heart on a red wine stain, it’s on my dirty sleeve, mixed in with some rain
As I slid my hand up under your dress, I could tell we were headed for that sweet caress
I come from the dark, I come from the deep, like those golden rolling waves on the silver sea
The place is here, the time is now, let’s raise a little hell before we leave this town


3. Breakdown

Breathe, I want you to breathe with me
See the colors I can see
Peel these walls away from me
Send my thoughts to smithereens

Steal I want you to steal my dreams
Reach inside and tear the seams
Call the ever sleeping beast
Rise up from the dark blue deep


Breathe, I want you to breathe with me
Taste the air that floats beneath
time can have it’s way with me
I feel it when it shifts and creaks

So long now
Breaking down


4. Best Days

Hey little girl, I wanna say, you bring the light on the dark days
I lost my way, but i feel fine, ‘cos you were there with the sunshine

Hey pretty thing, your heart’s alive but you’ve got to lose all the little lies
Turn the page, start again, I’m with you right ’til the bitter end

When are we gonna finally realize
There’s a magic and a fire in our eyes

It’s okay, these are the best days

Hey old friend, I hope you’re fine, and nothing is sour on the grapevine
I did the deed and I will pay, I’ll make it up to you some day


5. Wind of Change

I spend all my time in this one man band, I’ve got nothing but nothing in my empty hands
I don’t know where to go, don’t know where I’ve been, got a suitcase full of postcards, filled to the brim
The soles of my shoes have been beaten and bruised, and the world is showing it’s age
The answers you choose are full of old news, as I beat my brains on the wooden stage

Do you feel the wind of change?
Do you feel a little strange?
It’s time that we gave up
Trying to fix our broken cups
It’s time that we all felt the same
The wind of change

I kicked all of your cans right across the street, I knocked all of your kings right off their feet
I played dice in the dark, I poured salt in the cuts, I lit fires in the hearts that were down on their luck
The hours of our days keep, they keep getting away, escaping all our dreams and our plans
So all that I say is in love and in rage, with my broken strings and bleeding hands

Did you take your place in the rat race years? Did you make the grade? Did you crush your fears?
Did your left click smile scroll down your face, as you flew from heights and fell from grace?
All of the sins and mysterious things that they told you never to do
Don’t listen to them, ‘cos they won’t come again, saying comb your hair and shine your shoes


6. Find Our Way Home

Gone are the days and the ways that we shot the moon from it’s throne
Gone are the faces that tasted the nights with a fiery glow
Gone are the crowds screaming loud at the sky, that it’ll never win
Gone are the sirens and liars all crying for us to give in

What we really need is something to believe
Please stay until the morning comes

We’ll Find our way home

When the rules that we choose get all bruised and become our lives?
When did the dates of our fate get so lost in this jar of flies?
When did the words that you heard stop you dead inside your tracks?
When did the eyes of our minds have to close just to win us back?

What we really need is just some space to breathe
Stay sane until the morning comes

7. Voodoo Beach

Up the hill, through the wood, past the bamboo shack
Where we sway to tide and don’t look back
I danced with you under the melon moon
In your circle of sand and your school-girl shoes

I was drowning, so out of reach
Until I found you, on that voodoo beach
Wearing the ocean around your feet
Calling all the water, taming the beast

It’s been so long, It’s been a thousand years
Since I’ve seen your face, since I’ve turned the gears
So let’s pour ourselves into the raging waves
Let’s take the world, let’s re-arrange

We tore through the trees on our hands and knees
While the drum rang out from that wicked sea
Through the holes in the sky, I stole your eyes
And it took me away to that forgotten time


8. Say What You Mean

I’ve been here and I’ve been there
I’ve been walking around with dreadlocks in my hair
I’ve been up, I’ve been around
I’ve been a slave to that verse and chorus sound

If you say what you mean you could live inside your dreams
I am right, you are wrong, let’s just sing another song

I’ve been near and I’ve been far
I’ve been collecting all your fallen stars
I’ve been high, I’ve come down
I’ve been looking through the sad eyes of a clown


9. Lil’ Brother (Jay Bones)

Keep your head up little brother, I can see that you’re hurting inside
You’re digging deep now little brother, shit happens and it’s part of the ride
What ya thinking little brother, I won’t judge, c’mon let me in
Sometimes confiding in another is a good place to begin

When it’s dark you see the stars
It must be dark to see the stars
Life goes on, and on, and on
Life goes on and on and on
This is your song

Was it your fault now little brother, did you go and do a bad, bad thing
And now you’re feeling it my brother, it’s a place that we’ve all been
So keep your head up little brother, I can see that you’re hurting inside
I got your back ‘cos you’re my brother, and I’ll stick with you for the ride


10. Mr. Kink

Mr. Kink was dressed in pink, with colored gloves and a bright red wig
As he tickled spinal chords across the keys
His voice came out as mumbles as his fingers flopped and fumbled
But his spell was always cast with greatest ease
No-one ever really knew was it illusion or voodoo
As magic wrapped in sound sang crazy nights
And as clear as dark and day, we all saw him shift and change
As he swirled inside kaleidoscopic light
Supposedly the only son of a no-good nonsense nun
With strange tattoos of footprints on her wrists
He ruled the rain and thunder, he spread fear and joy and wonder
He could cure all lonely hearts with a single kiss

Mr. Kink, where’d you go?
Mr. Kink, why don’t you come home?

He became a moonlight taxidermist, got caught with nine illegal permits
And a hundred stolen bones inside his stove
So ge left the country as a letter, cleverly disguised return to sender
And he came back to build an empire on death row
He quietly clawed his way from jail ‘cos he had ivory as nails
And tricked two crooked cops with outrageous lies
He put politics on the map, then he claimed the world was flat
And to prove it he fell right off the edge one night
He emptied all the oceans with one swift and secret motion
Then boiled the salt away before he poured it back
He twisted history’s rules with a pair of pliers hiding in his shoes
And wound them round the brim of his brown hat

He invented brand new language, slipped cryptic codes between a sandwich
Then discovered it had been devoured by the dogs
He solved life’s greatest questions, turned the flotsam into jetsam
Re-arranged the sun with silver slivers of the stars
As his legend grew and grew, his red herrings became few
Was he dancing with the Dodo’s underground?
Now, with our questions never quelled, an eerie silence in the well
Only in memories his melodies are found
So it’s to the farm we stick, but this milk’s a little thick
We should jump this crumbling wall and run away
But as death becomes our fate, a sudden magic setting in
We’ll paint the pianos pink and always sing


11. The Kitchen

I showed up at the dawn again with nightime’s wicked seed.
You went your separate way, you’re just a girl i used to see.
And my day’s they are now mine.
And i will never be on your time.

I let you go so far because you wanted to be free.
Now all that’s left is scars on my bruised and bloodied knees.
But i’ve got stories to tell.
And i know my spirit well.

‘Cos i’ve been through all the highs
And i’ve been all the lows
Walked inside the shadows and down those rabbit holes.
I treated people well and I gave it my best shot.
I always learned the hard way
Get out the kitchen when it’s hot.

No liberty, no freedom, tonight my heart is sick.
But i’ll soon build up my dreams again out of broken little sticks.
And i might end up in hell
But I know my spirit well

I walked the avenues and there was no-one by my side
just ghosts without their shoes and all their foolish deathly pride.
So i left this town to wander and i left my body too
to break the spell you’re under and find some hidden clues,
why your secrets you don’t tell.
But I know my spirit well.
I will know my spirit well


12. Hell To Pay

Some nights are filled with rage
Some nights are centre stage
But we live in these days
This is our time
Sometimes in life you’ll find
That what’s inside our minds
Are voices that always say
There’ll be hell to pay

I called the falling rain
The clouds all went insane
As we rolled down the way
But I don’t mind
Sometimes the darkest sky
Makes us feel high
And with all our wicked ways
There’ll be hell to pay

Bury My Bines in Jo’Burg (Single)

All lyrics copyright Naming James.

Bury My Bones in Jo’Burg

From Houghton to Hillbrow, The Doors and The Doll House, Cloud 9, The Sunnyside,
singing carols by candlelight, Bimbo’s and Tempos, 206 and Tokyo
At the Waterfront and The Carlton to the Rosebank Rooftop Market, Rockey Street to Roxy’s
Ellis Park to ESP, Heinrich’s and the Skyrink and the cars at the Top Star drive-in
I hear Bassline and the Radium, bikers at the Bohemian, around Kyalami race-track,
Cats Pajamas and Carfax, Melville and Yeoville, Kippies, Wits, and Northcliff Hill
Zoo Lake, Truth and Bruma, the lights of Louis Botha, Fontana’s and Jamesons
Morgan’s Cat and the White Horse Inn, the Cool Runnings Dungeon, Castle Corner at the Wanderers

The sun will always shine on this city of gold
So bury my bones in Jo’burg, let it forever be my home

Traffic, taxi’s, Ponty, past Oxford street’s prossies, City Deep, Main reef and Westpark Cemetery
Sterkfontein and the JCE, the big top tent at the Boswell Wilkie
Gold Reef City and The Carousel, drinks at the Jolly ’til they ring the bell, Bulldogs and Bowl’s Club
Billy the Bums and the Thunder Gun, cruising through Gilooly’s to the crying sirens of the SAP
Emmerentia Dam and Wemmer Pan, chicken pies from Riversands, the bridge we built for Madiba
Delta Park and the Market Theatre, the holding cells in Sun City, Lion Lager at the SAB
Leeuwkop and Liliesleaf, deep underneath the SABC, the M1 and the Jukskei
Bryanston to Braamfontein, the heartbeat that holds me, these old streets of Jozi

Free (Single)

All lyrics copyright Naming James.


Oh my you got lost in time
Your days ran away and your coins don’t shine
There’s gold underground in our crazy old town
Try digging deep for those soulful sounds
If you find trouble
You can always choose

Turn a new page, fill it with rage
Change what’s been the same
Do what you want, Do what you feel
Your dreams will become real
All of our lives fill up with lies
So let’s open up our eyes
Do what you want, Do what you feel
Let yourself be free

Hear those calls through a hole in the wall
Curious minds in a world so small
Lighten your load on this one-way road
Brighten your eyes so they always glow
If you find trouble
You can sing the blues

Oh my you’re alone again
It’s dark outside and you’ve got no friends
Don’t be scared and just stay aware
We’re close and connected right ’til the end
If you find trouble
You’ll know what to do

Twenty Sixteen (Single)

All lyrics copyright Naming James.

Twenty Sixteen

The sun slowly goes under as the final night arrives
A year of hopeless blunder has beaten out its time
So weary, worn and wasted, we hang our withered hats
From dreams that we’ve been chasing and just couldn’t seem to catch

Let’s forget about our regrets, replace more with less
Accept the worst and the best, let love take care of the rest

Countless heroes have fallen and so many more to come
All our laws, disorder, a faded fortress wrought with rust
This sad abandoned calendar so frantic, deranged and late
Has left us furiously fucked by the fickle finger of fate

Fill all the clocks with sand, we’ll not stand another second
And every paper laced with lies, let’s pretend that we never read ‘em
Like a sucker punch right in the gut, a swift kick between the teeth
Good riddance to your misery, old, dead friend, twenty sixteen