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Past show archive
Naming James at The Great Zululand Music FestivalEshowe, KZN04/20/17Unconfirmed..
Naming James at Mieliepop Festival 2017Mpumalanga03/17/178:00pm
Naming James at Beerhouse FourwaysJohannesburg03/05/178:00pm
Naming James at Sylvia's MaketJHB02/05/178:00pm
Naming James with The Shebeen (Album Launch Tour) at SundownersJohannesburg South03/26/166:00pmR40
Sit the Folk Down presents Nokota, Naming James and Jon ShabanCape Town09/24/1512:00pm
Naming James and Jon Shaban at Straight No ChaserCape Town09/23/158:00pm
Naming James at OppiKoppi 2015Northam08/07/15Unconfirmed..
Naming James (solo) The Rock BistroUmzumbe, KZN07/12/158:00pm
Naming James (solo) in DurbanDurban07/11/158:00pm
Naming James (solo) at Pablo Esco BarEshowe, KZN07/10/158:00pm
Naming James (solo) at The Dutch, DurbanDurban07/09/158:00pm
Naming James at Amuse CafeLinden07/03/158:00pm
Old Mutual Music in the GardensJohannesburg06/28/151:00pm
Naming James at Mish MashJHB06/27/154:00pm
Naming James at OppiKoppi 2015Northam06/07/15Unconfirmed..
Naming James at STRAB 2015Mozambique05/27/158:00pm
Naming James at the Brass BellCape Town05/02/15Unconfirmed..
Naming James (solo) at Blah Blah BarCape Town04/29/158:00pm
Naming James at Jon Shaban Album Cape Town, South Africa04/26/154:00pm
Naming James at Otterlake Easter FestivalPretoria04/04/158:00pm
Naming James at Rise & Shine FestivalJHB03/28/154:00pm
Naming James at RetroFestCradle of Humankind03/14/15Unconfirmed..
Naming James at SundownersJohannesburg South02/28/158:00pm
Naming James at Kenny GeesRustenburg02/20/158:00pm
Naming James at Up the Creek FestivalBreede River, Western Cape02/01/1510:00pm
Mieliepop FestivalMpumalanga10/04/146:00pm
Naming James, Brett Newski (US), Fuzigish at RumoursJohannesburg09/23/148:00pm
Naming James (Duo) - at Cool Inc. Tattoo ConventionPretoria09/20/1412:00pm
Naming James at Kenny Gees, RustenburgRustenburg09/19/148:00pm
Naming James and the Parlotones at Pretoria National Botanical GardensPretoria09/14/1412:00pm
Naming James (Solo) and Dan Patlansky at Arcade Empire Acoustic NightsPretoria09/10/148:00pm
Naming James at FORR Festival 4-7 SeptemberPonta Malongane09/06/149:00pm
Naming James at WolvesJohannesburg08/28/148:00pmTip Jar
Naming James at STRAB Night @ WolmerPretoria07/26/148:00pm40 Bucks
Namig James at !Arcade EmpirePretoria07/16/148:00pm
The Raging Sea - David van Vuuren, Official Launch (Naming James Opening)Johannesburg07/11/148:00pmR60
Naming James at Dullstroom Winter FestivalDullstroom07/05/142:00pm
Naming James at FORR 2014 Warm Up PartyPretoria07/04/148:00pm
Naming James at Dirty Rotten Tequila FestivalJohannesburg06/21/141:00pm
Naming James at The Library (at The Brazen Head, Sandton)JHB06/14/148:00pmR50
Naming James at Friday the 13th with Holly & The Woods, Anti retro vinyls, Trevor RebelloJohannesburg06/13/148:00pm
Naming James at STRAB FestivalMozambique05/22/141:00pm
Naming James at Road to STRAB PartyPretoria05/17/148:00pm
Naming James at Rumours (SOLO Performance)Johannesburg05/08/148:00pm
Naming James at Andy McGibbon's Guitar ForumJHB04/30/147:00pm
Naming James at Kenny GeesRustenburg04/25/148:00pm
Naming James at Otterlake Easter FestivalPretoria04/19/144:00pm
Naming James at Kamers Pop-up eventJHB04/18/145:00pm
Naming James at Otterlake Acoustic SundayPretoria03/30/141:00pm
Naming James at KlitsgrasPretoria03/28/148:00pm
Naming James (solo) at Amuse CafeLinden03/27/147:30pm
Naming James at Rumours (solo)Johannesburg03/13/148:00pm
Naming James at Bohemian Groove CafeKaapsehoop03/02/141:00pm
Naming James at Die StoepNelspruit03/01/148:00pm
Naming James at The Manhattan ProjectWhite River02/28/148:00pm
Naming James at RumoursJohannesburg02/27/148:00pm
Naming James at The BohemianJohannesburg02/22/148:00pm
Naming James at Campus Invasion Hatfield CarnivalPretoria02/08/144:00pm
Naming James at Up The Creek Music FestivalBreede River, Western Cape02/01/14Unconfirmed..
Naming James at Campus InvasionStellenbosch01/30/145:00pm
Naming James at Park AcousticsPretoria01/26/141:00pm
Naming James at MojosWelkom01/25/148:00pm
Naming James at Campus Invasion TourBloemfontein01/24/148:00pm
Naming James at RumoursJohannesburg01/17/148:00pm
Naming James at Stanley Beer GardenJHB12/16/131:00pm
Naming James at TokyoStarJohannesburg12/15/132:00pm
Naming James at Phorestry (Chapter I)Toadhall Farm, 96 Hilton Rd, Linbro Park12/14/138:00pm
Naming James at Synergy Live JHBJHB12/01/132:00pm
Naming James at Otterlake BeerBashPretoria11/30/131:00pm
Naming James (Jamie solo) at Andy McGibbons Guitar ForumJHB11/27/138:00pmR50
Naming James and Shotgun ToriJHB11/16/138:00pm
Naming James at Mieliepop FestivalMpumalanga11/02/136:00pm
Naming James at RumoursJohannesburg10/11/138:00pm
Naming James at Sandton Craft Beer and Music FestivalJHB10/05/133:00pm
Naming James and Brett Newski at RailwaysCenturion09/27/138:00pm
Naming James at SEXPO - Rolling Stone Magazine FestivalJHB09/27/1312:00pm
Naming James at "It's all about the music, man!" FestivalJHB09/24/136:00pm
Naming James at WolvesJohannesburg09/19/138:00pm
Naming James at KaapsehoopKaapsehoop09/15/1312:00pm
Naming James at White RiverWhite River09/14/138:00pm
Naming James at FORR FestivalPonta Malongane09/07/136:00pm
Naming James at Walter Sisulu Botanical GardensJohannesburg09/01/131:00pm
Naming James at the LibraryJHB08/31/138:00pmR50
Naming James at OppiKoppi FestivalNortham08/09/13Unconfirmed..
Naming James at Tokyo StarJohannesburg07/27/134:00pm
Naming James at The BohemianJohannesburg07/19/138:00pm
Naming James at MoltenoMolteno07/13/138:00pm
Naming James at RailwaysCenturion07/12/138:00pm
Naming James at Dullstroom Winter FestivalDullstroom07/05/13Unconfirmed..
Naming James at Carnival CourtCape Town06/15/138:00pm
Naming James at RagazziCape Town06/14/138:00pm
Naming James at &UnionCape Town06/12/138:00pm
Naming James at Rise & Shine FestivalJHB06/08/133:00pm
Naming James at The LibraryJHB06/01/138:00pm
Naming James at STRABMozambique05/25/13Unconfirmed..
Naming James at Asbos TeaterPretoria04/27/138:00pm
Naming James at Tings & TimesWaterglen04/21/132:00pm
Naming James & The Black Cat Bones at Cafe BarcelonaPretoria04/20/138:00pm
Naming James (Solo) at The Library (at Brazen Head Sandton)JHB04/11/138:00pm
Naming James at Klitsgras DrummingPretoria04/05/138:00pm
Naming James at Splashy Fen 2013Underberg03/30/135:00pm
Naming James at The Library (Brazen Head Sandton)JHB03/23/138:00pm
Naming James at RailwaysCenturion03/15/138:00pm
Naming James at Rise & Shine FestivalJHB03/09/133:00pm
Naming James at BarmudaPort Alfred02/24/138:00pm
Naming James at Thomas RiverThomas River02/23/138:00pm
Naming James at The LibraryJHB02/23/138:00pm
Naming James at Murambi KitchenSunrise on Sea02/22/138:00pm
Naming James at Molteno CCMolteno02/21/138:00pm
Naming James at The PantryAliwal North02/20/138:00pm
Naming James at Campus Invasion JoziJHB02/16/1312:00pm
Naming James at Campus Invasion P-TownPretoria02/09/132:00pm
Naming James at KlitsgrasPretoria02/08/138:00pm
Naming James at Cafe BarcelonaPretoria02/06/138:00pm
Naming James at MojoWelkom01/26/138:00pm
Naming James at AasvoelklubBloemfontein01/25/138:00pm
Naming James at Arcade EmpirePretoria01/16/138:00pm
Naming James & Jeremy LoopsJHB12/26/128:00pm
Naming James at the Drake Festival 2012Rosetta12/16/12Unconfirmed..
Francois van Coke & Jedd Kossew - Naming James openingJHB11/22/128:00pmTickets R60
HALLOWEEN - with the Black Cat Bones and Them ParticlesJHB10/31/128:00pm
Mieliepop Festival 2012Mpumalanga10/26/128:00pm
Naming James at Tokyo StarJohannesburg10/20/123:00pm
Naming James and Justin SerraoJohannesburg10/19/128:00pm
Naming James, Mugshot & Cable Stealing GypsiesJHB09/28/128:00pm
A Night with a Song WriterJohannesburg09/27/128:00pm
Boosh ElevenJHB09/23/123:00pm
Naming James & Steve NewmanWaterglen09/16/123:00pm
Matt Vend, Brett Newski, Rambling Bones and Naming James live at The Boh!Johannesburg09/14/128:00pm
FORR Festival 2012Ponta Malongane09/08/124:00pm
Naming James @ The Brass BellCape Town08/19/12Unconfirmed..
Naming James at Zula Bar, Long StreetCape Town08/18/128:00pm
Naming James at Mojo's in ObsCape Town08/16/128:00pm
Tidal Waves, Southern Gypsey Queen, Naming James @ Tanz CafeJHB06/15/128:00pm
Naming James at WolvesJohannesburg05/17/128:00pm
Naming James at Tokyo StarJohannesburg04/14/124:00pmFree Entrance
Josie Field - Earl Grey & Croquet - Naming James - Tanz CafeJHB04/12/128:00pm
Naming James at Die Ou PastorieMagaliesberg04/09/1212:00pm
Naming James at Brickfields Music FestivalJohannesburg03/24/123:00pm
ONE LOVE Music Festival 2012Soweto03/21/12Unconfirmed..
Naming James @ Sowing the Seeds JHBMagaliesburg02/24/1211:00am
Jeremy Loops & Co. - Tanz Cafe - 23rd FebJHB02/23/127:30pm
Naming James @ Voodoo LoveJohannesburg02/02/128:00pm
Naming James @ Cobs CoveSt. Francis Bay12/28/118:00pmAfternoon show and evening show
Naming James at The Drake Festival 2011Rosetta12/17/112:00pm
Naming James @ Finding Zelda PartyJohannesburg12/03/118:00pm
Brickfields FestivalJohannesburg11/19/118:00pm
Naming James @ The night of a 1000 DrawingsJohannesburg11/10/116:00pm
Naming James at Tokyo Star with ShadowclubJohannesburg10/30/111:00pm
KINGS OF NEONJHB10/29/118:00pm
Naming James at Mieliepop FestivalMpumalanga10/22/11Unconfirmed..
Naming James, Desmond & the Tutus, Some Grow Young, Earl Grey & Croquet - Tanz CafeJHB10/21/118:00pm50 squid before 8PM, 80 clams thereafter...
Naming James at Tokyo Star Mini-FestJohannesburg10/08/111:00pmFREE Entry!
Naming James @ White Mountain FestivalDrakensberg, Natal09/29/118:00pm
Naming James @ FORR FestivalPonta Malongane09/01/118:00pm
Naming James @ Cool inc. Tattoo ExpoJohannesburg08/26/111:00pm
Naming James @ WolvesJohannesburg08/25/118:00pm
Naming James @ RidgebackCenturion08/17/118:00pmFREE Entrance
Naming James @ Tokyo StarJohannesburg07/31/112:00pmFree entrance
Naming James @ RidgebackCenturion07/30/114:00pm
Naming James, Tidal Waves and Treehouses on the SeaJHB07/07/118:00pm
Naming James @ Tokyo StarJohannesburg06/19/113:00pmFree Entrance
Naming James @ Pata-PataJohannesburg06/17/118:00pm
Naming JamesTankwa, Karoo04/27/113:00pm@ the Succulents camp with Some Grow Young
Naming James live @ RidgebackCenturion04/13/118:30pmEntrance is free!
Naming James with Rambling Bones, Dance youre on fire & Lone RayngerJHB04/08/118:00pm
Folk Lore Earth HourFourways03/26/118:00pm
Short Straw, Naming James and ColumbusJHB03/17/118:00pm30 bucks
Naming JamesCenturion03/16/118:00pmNo cover charge
Naming James at The BohemianJohannesburg8:00pm
Naming James at Kenny Gees, RustenburgRustenburg8:00pm