Short Straw, Naming James and Columbus – 03/17/11 – The Woods – JHB

Short Straw, Naming James and Columbus
Thursday, March 17, 2011
8:00pm - 30 bucks - All Ages
The Woods (map)
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ah, 'tis true... the handsome one is leaving. boo.

phil brierley has grown on us. like mould. but in a good way. and now the bastard is going to chicago. the chicago in america. i know, lucky. and leaving us to play with ourselves. hmph.

so, we're throwing one last phil brierley-esque party that is going to be sofuckingyes nice it'll hurt in your pants the next day. if you like to perv. if you like to listen. if you like to dance. if you like to look cool at the bar whilst everyone else has fun. if you like to dream for a better tomorrow. if you like to pretend that someone is holding you whilst you fall asleep at night. if you like to draw a face on your hand so that it seems like a small, unfortunately misshaped person is tickling your bits. then come to the woods on the 17th of march for the swell farewell. you'll swell in your pants. mmm.

also, phil has irish blood in him so we organised for st. patrick's day to be on the 17th too. wow. therefore, if you dress up like a leprechaun, you get in for free. otherwise it's 30 bucks. soz.

yay! i feel like a little girl who just got her first period. confused, but excited at the same time.

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